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  • Outside Investment

    by Autumn McGarr

    Outdoor entertaining has evolved in recent years, with homeowners increasingly investing in their outdoor kitchens as they extend their personal style beyond the confines of …

  • Outdoor Style

    by Autumn McGarr

    When outdoor entertaining was in its infancy, a top-notch grill and some great patio furniture may have done the job. Today’s outdoor kitchen and entertaining …

  • Outdoor Delights

    by Anita Shaw

    While outdoor entertaining has always been one of summer’s favored casual pastimes, today’s outdoor kitchens offer so much more than just fresh air, sunshine and …

  • Outdoor Style

    by Ashley Lapin Olian

    Kitchens are increasingly becoming the all-purpose gathering spot in the home, particularly with the popularity of open floor plans. Since this gathering space often extends …

  • Trends in Outdoor Kitchens

    by Diana Cleveland

    Snyder Diamond has been selling outdoor kitchen products for more years than many readers have been breathing, much less designing. The Santa Monica-based high-end appliance …



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