Packaged for Success

Riggs Construction & Design, Kirkwood, Mo., markets packaged projects to help ease remodeling fears.

authors  | November 1, 2006

Remodelers are always seeking unique marketing tools that help increase their visibility and keep the phone ringing. Amie Riggs, CGR, CAPS, vice president and sales and marketing manager of Riggs Construction & Design, Kirkwood, Mo., introduced packaged remodeling projects this year to do just that.

Along with their business coach, public relations team and co-owners, brother Bill Riggs and father, Tom Riggs, CGR, the company developed the “Yes I Can!” program, which features four common projects and packages them together.

“We spent a lot of time researching our databases and chose the project types we built a lot of and what people thought they needed,” explains Riggs. “We also pinpointed the target audience for each package.”

After all the research, including going street-by-street to see who lives in target areas and how they live, Riggs Construction & Design settled on the following packages:

  • Home Remix
  • Kitchen Suite
  • Pop-up Construction
  • Master Retreat

All of four of the packages are marketed under the “Yes I Can!” slogan, which Riggs says gives people an easy punch line to remember. Also, she says that this campaign is positioned to be inspirational and motivational and gives homeowners the appropriate information to see if remodeling is right for them.

Targeting the Right Audience

Without doing any marketing during their first 47 years of existence, the team, along with their PR firm, budgeted two percent for postcards, “Yes I Can!” guides, jobsite signs that include a pocket for guides, and ads in local newspapers and magazines.

Key to the campaign are specific groups of homeowner targets. The Master Retreat is aimed at empty nesters who have extra room to expand their bedroom. The Home Remix package targets seniors who wish to stay in their homes and might need to make adjustments according to their lifestyle, for example, moving the second floor master bedroom to the first floor.

The most popular package, the Kitchen Suite, targets 1960s ranch homes and helps create an often bigger central hub for the whole family. The Pop-up Construction package is perfect for those who need extra living space, and who plan on staying in their existing home.

Education Literature

The “Yes I Can!” guides break down project details. They also help prospects decide what’s right for their home, what to expect during the remodeling process and how they can prepare for the job.

“The guides are more of an education piece than a sell piece,” says Riggs. “It helps them answer many of the questions they have such as ‘should I remodel or move,’ ‘typical time frame’ and ‘what’s a typical budget for this project.’ ”

A little over 11 months into the campaign, Riggs says she is seeing a dramatic increase in name recognition and call volume, and her close ratio is currently one construction contract for every 2.89 raw leads.

And now that the program has gained some ground in the Kirkwood area, Riggs says that new packages and a larger working radius are in the plans for 2007.

Explains Riggs, “We are looking into a ‘hobby room’ package and a ‘tune up’ kitchen package that would include plumbing up cabinets, sealing granite countertops and cleaning laminates.”

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