by FDSadmin
  • Colorful Statements

    by Anita Shaw

    The move away from neutral tones and “safe” design continues, as homeowners who spent time sequestered in their homes during COVID break free from the …

  • Stylish Workstations

    by Autumn McGarr

    ith their essential role in food preparation and clean up, kitchen sinks and faucets can’t be an afterthought. And though their functional capacity is critical, …

  • Chilling Out

    by Anita Shaw

    Serving and sharing a bottle of wine – whether when entertaining friends or family or just unwinding after a long day – has been elevated …

  • Colorful Expression

    by Anita Shaw

    Emerging from the cautious and cocooning days of the pandemic, homeowners have shifted their view of “home” and what that term means to them. While …

  • Indulgent Sprays

    by Anita Shaw

    Health and wellness continue to be a major focus for consumers, as today’s homeowners look to incorporate products that promote well-being into their everyday routines. …

  • Within Range

    by Anita Shaw

    While cabinets and countertops are often the foundation of a kitchen design, more and more the cooking area – specifically the range and hood – …



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