by FDSadmin
  • Statement Workstations

    by Anita Shaw

    In today’s kitchens, the sink area continues to gain importance, as it changes from a place of cleansing to the focus of prep, cleaning and …

  • Beauty & Brawn

    by Autumn McGarr

    In addition to their primary hygienic function, bathrooms can serve as a personal refuge for relaxation or a space to showcase personal style for guests. …

  • Inspired by Nature

    by Anita Shaw

    Today’s kitchen countertops come in a range of materials, with man-made materials being particularly popular due to their durability and cleanability. Surfaces – from quartz …

  • Making the Connection

    by Anita Shaw

    While today’s homes are far from fully connected, today’s homeowners are warming to the idea that technologically advanced products can make their lives easier and …

  • Cooking Connections

    by Tracy Hegg

    Cooking appliances have been getting quite a workout over the past two years, as the trend to stay home continues during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. …

  • Making a Splash

    by Anita Shaw

    Many elements in the kitchen can be used as a focal point in the design, as colorful ranges, stylish islands and custom range hoods can …


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