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  • Water Station Wows

    by Anita Shaw

    The kitchen sink and faucet area is a key space in the kitchen, the area of prep, cleanup and any other functions. Today’s manufacturers recognize …

  • Kitchen Connections

    by Anita Shaw

    Technology plays a key role in everyday life, with computers, smart phones and voice-command modules  mainstays in today’s homes. With consumers becoming more adept at …

  • Warm Welcome

    by Tracy Hegg

    The bathroom, especially the master bath, is a place where designers can help homeowners create the personal refuge they crave. With the right sinks and …

  • Nature Scapes

    by Anita Shaw

    As with so many other elements in the kitchen and bath, countertops and surfaces are trending warmer, with a more natural, earth-centric appeal. While neutral …

  • Fantastic Faucets

    by Anita Shaw

    One of the many elements of the kitchen that has transitioned from utilitarian to showstopping is the workhorse of the space – the kitchen faucet. …

  • Socializing in Style

    by Tracy Hegg

    Cooking and socializing at home has steadily grown in recent years, leading to an increased demand for cooking appliances that both contribute to the design …


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