Hand-Cast Glass Tile

From: Lunada Bay Tile

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Lunada Bay Tile has introduced Sonaré, a hand-cast glass tile that captures the look of rising incense, encapsulating wisps of color within the glass, the company reports. Sonaré comes in two 3″x9″ formats: Tone features a lightly textured surface that evokes layers of water freezing on a lake, while Sonic layers dimensionality and textural relief reminiscent of sound waves or record grooves, the firm adds. The tiles can be used independently or in a blend of color and/or finish. The tile is available in Pearl or Silk finishes in 10 colors: Shooting Star, Aura, Seafoam, Spring Water, Midnight Swim, Moonshadow, Foliage, Herb Garden, Champagne and Celestial. Shown is Tone and Sonic Seafoam Pearl and Silk blend.



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