Decorative Farmhouse Sink

From: Kohler

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Kohler has added an apron-front farmhouse sink to its Cairn line that is composed of the company’s composite material Neoroc. The apron-front sink is available in several variations, including a 9” apron for installations that include new cabinetry and a 7” apron option when retrofitting existing cabinets. The 9” apron is also available in a decorative fluted and faceted apron front for an additional design statement. The resilient high-impact and heat-resistant material is formulated from tiny quartz particles combined with an epoxy resin. Neoroc will not stain, scratch or chip, the firm adds. The fade-resistant matte color is currently available in matte black, and will be available in Matte Graphite, Matte Grey, Matte White, Matte Beige, Matte Taupe, Matte Brown and Matte Plum.

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