Moroccan Clay Tile

From: ANN SACKS Tile & Stone

Ann Sacks, in partnership with Ait Manos, a studio based in Casablanca, Morocco, offers Idris by Ait Manos, a collection defined by historic craft. Using the centuries-old art form known as Zellige, Ait Manos handcrafts tiles that showcase this cornerstone of traditional Moroccan design. The Zillige process begins with fine-bodied Moroccan clay manipulated to the correct consistency and placed within a mold, smoothed and sun dried and fired. The artisans then apply the handcrafted pigments and sketch with a fine brush the shapes that will form the desired patterns. The tiles are then fired one more time before being hand-cut and hand-chiseled into the final designs that will create the intricate mosaic. The mosaics are mounted into rigid, pre- assembled sheets with additional patterns and colors available through special order.

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