Entry-Luxury Dishwashers

From: Miele

Miele is adding to its assortment of dishwashers with an entry-luxury series – the G 5000 series dishwashers – which offers exclusive features previously reserved for higher-tier models. With the QuickIntenseWash cycle, the G 5000 achieves cleaning results in only 58 minutes. The AutoOpen function (depending on the model) opens the door slightly at the end of the program to ensure complete drying, including on plastics and glassware. The design of the series is similar to that of the company’s G 7000 line, featuring fully integrated and pre-finished models, and front control and hidden (top) control options. New to the G 5000 line is a Pocket Handle model that offers a non-obtrusive look and hidden controls with an easy-to-grip integrated handle. As with all pre-finished models, this series is offered in the Miele-exclusive CleanSteel finish, in 24″ and 18″ sizes. Also included are FlexLine baskets, which feature wide handles and flexibility in positioning.

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