Water-Inspired Tiles

From: Island Stone

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Island Stone’s Lava Glass mosaics incorporate iridescent and undulating surfaces that play with light in water, making it work well in water-adjacent applications such as pools and showers. The fused glass tile features durable back paint applied at over 1,025 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the tiles a bright, pearlescent color spanning the light and dark tones of each across a single mosaic. Lava Glass is highly durable, meeting or exceeding all industry requirements for use in exterior freeze-thaw environments and submerged applications found in ANSI A137.2, notes the company. The tiles come in six colors — Burning Ice, Cool Tropics, Deep Flow, Hazy Wave, Liquid Rock and Solid Ash — evoking the blues and greens of island waters. Available mosaics include 1″x1″ straight set and 1”x2” offset, along with corresponding 1”x2” V-cap trim.


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