Chromatherapy Shower

From: Gessi North America

Gessi has reimagined the shower with its Afilo multi-function system, which brings visuals to the shower experience with fixtures that appear to be suspended in midair while diffusing soft lights amidst the streaming water. As part of the company’s Private Wellness Program,
Afilo pairs the power of light and water to create a sensory oasis designed to refresh and restore body, mind and spirit, the firm reports. Chromatherapy lights shine through and merge with the falling water in a soothing, yet invigorating, experience. Designed as an overhead rainfall/waterfall shower, the Afilo Collection includes fixtures in square, round and rectangular shapes that may be installed recessed into the ceiling or exposed in a boxed design. A slot along the showerhead’s perimeter is the source of the diffused light, while a thin steel outer frame and inclined inner walls reflect the light in such a way to create the floating illusion. Users may customize their lighting color choices, including shades of gold, blue, green and purple. Afilo is available in an array of finishes.

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