Voice-Controlled Faucet

From: Delta Faucet Co.

Delta VoiceIQ Technology pairs with connected home devices to provide exactly the amount of water needed, with features like metered dispensing and custom container commands. With a VoiceIQ Faucet from Delta Faucet, homeowners can ask the faucet to dispense one cup, six ounces, a gallon or just about any other amount they could need. Custom container commands make everyday tasks easier, like filling a coffee pot or dog bowl, while features like water warm-up and voice-activated on/off lend a hand when theirs are full. A retrofittable VoiceIQ Module for Delta Touch2O Faucets manufactured after January 2018 provides a full breadth of styles and finishes to choose from. With VoiceIQ Technology, users can also tell a smart home device to wash hand or activate handwash mode, and the faucet will automatically turn the water on and off per CDC handwashing guidelines.

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