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From: Scavolini

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The Diesel Get Together Kitchen is the all-new kitchen project by Scavolini in partnership with Diesel Living. The doors on the operating block are in Burnt Wood decorative melamine, the same finish as the side panels on the island, while the doors on the tall units are in Sheet Metal decorative melamine. The wall units and the island stand out for the doors with Titanium painted frame and Soft Industrial Glass fused glass. The composition is completed by the Dekton top in Baltic Chromica finish from Cosentino and the Titanium painted aluminum plinths. The kitchen is increasingly conceived as the place for sociability and hospitality. The concept – which embodies the evolution of the Diesel Social Kitchen collection – works with blocks of color and materials that join the kitchen space with the living room to form a seamless hybrid setting. The offering is also enhanced by three unprecedented handles – one recessed and two bridge handles in Titanium finish – and a host of industrial-look details such as metallic elements and screws that emphasize the bold design, as well as new worktops allowing endless combinations of materials to be achieved. The design is also completed by the Misfits systems of painted metal storage elements capable of bridging the gap between the kitchen and the living room.

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