Cooking Assistance

From: Miele

Miele delivers a range of exclusive technological features with regard to its kitchen appliances, with interfaces that are simple yet highly functional and intuitive, ensuring they are easy to use and convenient, notes the firm. The Miele@home app, for example, lets users access and control appliances, as well as see the status of programs from their smartphone or tablet. In the newly launched Generation 7000 cooking line, Miele Convection ovens are now equipped with FoodView, which gives users the ability to see what is happening in the oven in real-time. There is also MotionReact, which lets users see cooking status as they walk by the appliance, and TasteControl prevents food from overcooking by automatically opening the oven door just a small amount to allow heat to escape, bringing down the oven temperature quickly at the end of the program.

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