Smart Control Tablet

From: Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Electronics has launched the Samsung Home Hub, a new way to manage home appliances with a tablet-style touchscreen device that provides instant access to customized and connected home services. The Samsung Home Hub offers connectivity with a range of smart home appliances, and uses AI and SmartThings to understand users’ needs and automatically provide solutions, notes the firm. In doing so, it helps users streamline their chores and responsibilities on a shared device that everyone in the home can access, the company adds. Samsung Home Hub can connect to every product within the SmartThings ecosystem, including Samsung smart appliances. The SmartThings services fall under the categories of Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet, Air, Energy and Home Care Wizard. Samsung Home Hub is an exclusive 8.4-inch tablet that can be operated from its dock or used on the go around the home. For voice control, the Samsung Home Hub has two microphones and two speakers to allow the user to easily hear notifications and use Bixby voice commands.

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