Three-Dimensional Tile

From: Lunada Bay Tile

Momentum is a three-dimensional ceramic tile collection that can be customized into exclusive wall art for residential or commercial spaces. A special hand-sculpting technique makes this one-of-a-kind wall art from Lunada Bay Tile possible. The tiles can be arranged in a wide range of stylistic possibilities for personal expression. The Japanese handcrafted tiles feature three-dimensional sculptured lines of dramatic variation. A diversity of textures and patterns are possible through a single shape or puzzled with a blend of shapes to express a unique direction. The tiles can be arranged to suggest intwined lines, dynamic textures and undulating patterns. The collection of 4”x13” tiles include four colorways: White Sand, a creamy soft white; UrbanScape and Dark Silver, two illuminating, matte silvery colors-one dark, one light; and Sunset Bronze, a coppery metallic tone that contains multiple color variations between pieces. Momentum is a high-temperature fired clay suitable for interior wall use and limited exterior use. The dimensional tiles are designed not to be grouted and should be installed without grout, tinting the setting bed to match the material color.


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