Thin & Lightweight Engineered Stone

From: Santamargherita

Santamargherita has unveiled Surfalite, an engineered stone surface that is produced to be only 7mm thick. Made from a mixture of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials, Surfalite’s unique composition makes it unlike other surfaces of comparable size, according to the company. Surfalite can be used in a multitude of applications due to its light weight of 17kg/sqm, such as backsplashes, cabinet door cladding, wet wall applications and covering existing countertops in non-invasive remodeling projects. While only 7mm thick, the product retains all the qualities of engineered stone, the firm reports. It is resistant to high impact forces and is repairable when chipped, and adapts to the surface on which it is applied. Surfalite’s initial range features 16 colors, with new designs and shades to come in summer 2023.

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