Pocket Door System

From: Blum, Inc.

Blum, Inc. has launched REVEGO, a pocket door system that enables the user to quickly reveal workspaces and hide them away again when they are not in use. Recognizing the trend for open space concepts and smaller environments in metropolitan areas, Blum developed REVEGO to not only complement, but elevate interconnected spaces. The full overlay fronts act as a wall to hide a space, whether it be a kitchen workspace, home office, laundry room or bar, and it can be opened by simply pressing on the front and gliding the door into a narrow pocket. To conceal the area, the user simply presses the door to release it from the pocket and presses it once again when the doors are in place to fully close. REVEGO is available in single (uno) or double (duo) doors that can be combined as needed. The pocket widths are set to a standard dimension.

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