Wireless Countertop Charger

From: FreePower

From FreePower comes FreePower for Countertop, purpose-built to make it easy for designers, architects, builders, and showroom owners to add free placement wireless charging to their stone countertop solutions, notes the company. FreePower worked with the design and fabricator community to think through every aspect of embedding its wireless charging technology into countertops, from the cut-out requirements for the stone to visual cues and customization. Fabricators need to complete a certification process from FreePower, during which they will learn how to embed the technology into their projects. To maintain a smooth and uninterrupted countertop design, FreePower is embedded into the stone itself. Aside from the glow of its proprietary halo, there is no indication of a wireless charger lying just beneath the surface. The halo indicates the charging zone, controlled by an app where users can customize the colors, from subtle white to multicolor ‘party mode.’ It can be dimmed completely, then reactivated with a feature called ‘Wave to Wake’ – simply wave a smartphone over the charging zone, and it lights up to guide the way. The product is software upgradeable, ensuring that the investment made in this embedded technology can last for years as smartphones and other devices continue to evolve.

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