Natural Stone Surfacing Techniques

From: Antolini

Antolini showcases a wide selection of natural stones as part of its Exclusive Collection and, at Coverings, the stones were placed side by side with almost 20 variants, part of the TEXTURES+ Collection. Through the technological innovation that led to skillful surface processing, the company designed over 50 different proposals of high-tech finishes. Each stone can be transformed by adding unique and highly tactile finishes in three dimensions, such as the SWING Finish, involving a succession of reliefs inlaid on the natural stone and designed to create a pattern across the entire slab, or the STRATOS Finish, which brings out the veining and colors of the stone through the succession of thin parallel lines, or the FLUT Finish, defined by a succession of curvilinear reliefs. The BAMBOO Finish (shown), another option for architectural surfaces, is inspired by the succession of bamboo canes and defined by a regular series of curves and convex volumes. Lastly, the company showcases the HARD ROCK Finish, whose output depends on the grain of the stone.


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