Modular Induction Cooktops

From: Fisher & Paykel

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The newest Series 9 & 11 Modular Cooktop Family from Fisher & Paykel allows the user to customize the cooking experience across a variety of modular induction cooktop options. The cooktops are available in 36”, 30”, 24” and 15” configurations for any sized kitchen, and each configuration starts with a primary auxiliary induction cooktop with a large 5.9” touchscreen interface, providing precise temperature control of up to 9 cooking zones, states the firm. Primary cooktops can pair with Auxiliary Induction Cooktops, Teppanyaki Cooktops and Ventilation modules for a variety of different configurations. Teppanyaki Cooktops, powered by induction, are made of 316 grade stainless steel and provide quick heat distribution of up to 430°F, without the need for pots and pans. Users can choose between five different air speeds on the ventilation units to extract odors, steam and grease or pair ventilation with specific cooktops. The cooktops connect seamlessly to the brand’s SmartHQ app for precise cooking control in real time.

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