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From: Duravit

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Duravit USA has expanded its shower toilet products with refreshed designs for SensoWash U and SensoWash Classic, fixtures that deliver cleanliness, ease of use and responsible design, notes the firm. Each unit offers personalized settings accessed through the SensoWash app or with the compact remote control. SensoWash U features a sleek skirted design and integrated flushing system with updated spray wand design that ensures personalized cleansing with Rearwash, Frontwash and Comfortwash settings. Water intensity, temperature and spray wand positioning can be modified according to user preference. The toilet seat provides several opening and closing features as well as a seat heating option. Duravit’s Rimless Technology rinses the entire surface of the bowl using the least amount of water possible after each use. SensoWash Classic was inspired by designer Philippe Starck’s first shower toilet seat, the SensoWash Starck, and features a wrap-over lid and more compact housing that integrates a full package of functionality including Rearwash, Frontwash and Comfortwash cleansing options, plus a warm air dryer. It offers seat heating with Eco Mode, night lighting and automatic lid opening and closing. An optimized filter provides odor extraction.

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