Reflective Function

Over the years, the bath has gone from a utilitarian room to one steeped in beautiful, spa-like design. The longing for an oasis has not, however, eliminated the need for the bath to deliver optimal function and service.

One element in the bath that has gone through a metamorphosis is the reflective surface. Whether referring to a singular decorative mirror, a magnifying cosmetic mirror or a full medicine cabinet with reflective front, this piece has been upgraded to include as many bells and whistles as a homeowner could conjure up.

Today’s decorative mirrors often include LED lighting within the frame, with adjustable options for makeup or night light. Medicine cabinets have also come a long way, and feature creative storage, mirrored interiors, lighting and electrical outlets.

Some of the trends being seen in bath medicine cabinets and mirrors include:

• Magnifying mirrors for shaving or cosmetics application are often included in a mirror package, and can be removed from the surface when not in use.

• LED lighting options with touch controls or voice command adjust to the needs of the user, ranging from the brightest illumination to night light glow.

• Backlighting is becoming more popular, adding light and drama to the room design, especially when color change options are included.

• Adjustable shelving and modular designs deliver custom storage options in current medicine cabinets.

• Medicine cabinets are often fully wired, allowing homeowners to connect small bathroom appliances such as electric razors and toothbrushes, and even charge their phones.

• Refrigerated compartments are options in today’s medicine cabinets, providing a space to keep meds and expensive face creams cool for prolonged shelf life.

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