by FDSadmin
  • Kink in the Chain

    by Tracy Hegg

    Disruptions in the global supply chain, wrought largely by the lingering impact of COVID-19 and robust demand, continue to be a significant industry-wide challenge. Lead …

  • Kitchen Countertop Trends 2022

    by Tracy Hegg

    Changing lifestyles, emerging design trends and consumer product “hot buttons” are having a major impact on materials, colors and styles for countertops, which continue to …

  • Riding the High-Tech Wave

    by Autumn McGarr

    The use of cutting-edge technology for project design, client relations, management and marketing has become far more prevalent throughout the kitchen and bath design community …

  • Key Client Groups Identified at KBIS Event

    by Autumn McGarr

    LAS VEGAS — Demographics, technology and design meta-trends are converging to drive rapidly changing consumer demand for new products, features, price points and marketing support …


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