Robam Joins NKBA Global Connect Program

by Anita Shaw

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ — The National Kitchen & Bath Association has announced Robam as its newest NKBA Global Connect Subscriber.

For over 43 years, Robam has been focusing on high-end kitchen appliances and, according to Euromonitor, the company ranks No.1 in global sales of built-in cooktops and range hoods for seven consecutive years.

“Among other overseas markets such as Austria, Malaysia, India, the Middle East we have entered now, the North American market is considered as Robam ‘s strategic overseas market,” shared Elvis Chen, Robam’s regional manager for the American Market. “We have finally developed products suitable for the North American market, including range hoods, cooktops, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, etc. We’re placing emphasis on our brand construction and communication to let more local communities get familiar with our brand and enjoy our products and services.”

Robam’s product development is committed to creating more value for the North American market and bringing more inspiration to cooking life. It is looking to bring more advanced technologies and products based on the American market’s characteristics and consumers’ culinary demands.

”We are mainly focus on the East Coast of the United States and also the western part. We have established dozens of stores and over 50 retail terminals in these areas, where consumers can enjoy advanced service in the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale process,” continued Chen.

The NKBA Global Connect Subscription program offers a robust package of resources and connections to help international brands enter the North American kitchen and bath marketplace.  Access to industry experts, proprietary NKBA market data, North American design and construction insights, VIP events and networking programs give NKBA Global Connect Subscribers a unique view into the market before they commit to launching. For more information on NKBA Global Connect please contact [email protected].

“We are so pleased to welcome Robam into the NKBA Global Connect program,” said Suzie Williford, exec. v.p. and chief strategy officer of NKBA. “We have built an outstanding program, designed to help marketers navigate the vast North American kitchen and bath market, and it’s gratifying to see it embraced.”

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