Rosario Mannino

Architects and kitchen designers share concepts

Although he’s worked on large-scale commercial construction and renovation projects, Rosario Mannino has a passion for residential design. Eight years after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Mannino founded the architect-led design-build company RS|MANNINO Architecture + Construction, in Rutherford, NJ.

Just three years after founding his business, he launched his own custom cabinetry collection to appeal to his growing affluent clients who are inspired by unique designs that are timeless, classic and high-end. He researched numerous cabinetry lines and hired a full-time dedicated kitchen designer with luxury kitchen experience to help create clients’ dream kitchens.

Adding kitchen design to the overall architectural process has improved the company, as both architects and kitchen designers can share ideas and implement the other teammate’s perspective on design and construction. The long-term plan is to launch private label collections with multiple showrooms open to the public.

The client experience has improved significantly since adding the custom cabinetry service. Clients are paired with knowledgeable and experienced designers and are now included in the design process much earlier than when the company used outside kitchen designers. This comprehensive design approach helps clients understand all the decisions that go into a home remodel.

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