Shower Scapes

The shower can make a statement in today’s bath, showcasing spectacular tile and gleaming fixtures. The enclosures surrounding those spaces can be elegant and unobtrusive, allowing the interiors to shine, or act as the focal point, with etched designs, trims and gridscapes that deliver a personalized touch to the room.

The demand for larger showers – and enclosures to suit them – continues to be strong, and the desire for contemporary aesthetics and zero-threshold entries drives enclosure offerings.

Here are some of the latest trends in shower enclosures.

• Clear, minimal shower enclosures deliver a minimal look and can create a sense of openness, both physically and visually.

• Matte black is a popular finish for fixtures right now, and trims and details on shower enclosures – such as hardware, borders and gridscapes in matte black – are delivering a coordinated look.

• Minimal hardware delivers the clean, unobstructed view into the shower that many are seeking for the contemporary bath.

• Frosted glass and distinctive patterns that blur the interior and deliver privacy to the bather are among the requests from today’s homeowners.

• Design trends such as the industrial look are influencing hardware and trim details, including hardware such as barn door rollers.

• Enclosures are now available in a range of heights, from taller versions that take advantage of floor-to-ceiling tile designs, to shorter version that act as a divider wall between a stand-alone soaking tub and the shower.


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