Showering in Luxury

by Anita Shaw

The interest in personalized sanctuaries, wellness and customized experiences is encouraging the development of shower systems that deliver a range of amenities, from multi-function showerheads to digital controls to luxury design. When today’s consumer steps into the shower, they want their senses heightened and their muscles soothed through elements such as chromatherapy and massage water delivery.

LED lighting systems can now provide a range of colors that can liven up moods or calm the senses. Waterproof speakers deliver everything from the user’s favorite tunes to the morning news. And exquisite detailing and finishes mean shower systems not only coordinate with the room’s fixtures, but can enhance the overall design.

Below are some of the hottest trends in shower systems right now.

• Personal wellness is receiving heightened interest as COVID-19 continues, and shower systems that promote health and wellbeing are in high demand.

• Advances in technology continue to push the envelope, controlling everything from music and multi-colored light “shows” to temperature presets and water delivery.

• Large, even two-person showers, continue to be in demand, and with that comes the interest in multiple showerheads, body sprays, lighting, accessories and more.

• Designs of shower fittings continue to follow clean lines and simple styling, with enhanced curves and detailing adding interest to avoid a stark look.

• Popular finishes in the shower mimic those in the rest of the room, with interest muted golds and matte blacks still increasing.

• Though the luxury shower experience is important, today’s homeowner wants that feeling without wasting water, so manufacturers are incorporating a variety of water delivery options for a drenching experience without excess water usage.


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