Showering in Wellness

Personal wellness continues to be a hot trend, and showers are the perfect place to incorporate wellness features. From drenching rain showers and soothing steam to shower benches, unique lighting options and smart home elements like music and temperature presets for each member of the family, designers are finding creative ways to customize the shower experience to promote relaxation and wellness.

At the same time, there’s also a growing demand for water-conserving showerheads, unique combinations of finishes and details like shower niches and aesthetically pleasing drains.

Below are some of the hottest trends in shower systems right now.

— Wellness continue to be a major trend in the shower as designers seek to create spa-like spaces that will help their clients relax, rejuvenate and renew themselves.

— Consumers want a luxury experience and, as such, generously proportioned, architecturally inspired shower spaces are in demand, usually with multiple showering options, including shower heads, rain domes, hand showers and body sprays.

— Smart technology is making inroads in the bathroom, with voice-control shower options, temperature presets, streaming music, changeable lighting options and app-controlled features.

— While classic finishes are always on trend, the growing interest in personalization has opened up the door to new finishes and mix-and-match finishes, including matte black and white as well as warm tones like unlacquered brass, rose gold, bronze and copper.

— Lighting is playing an increasingly important role in the shower, both ambient and sensory, with everything from chromatherapy options to moonglow effects.

— Barrier-free or curbless showers are becoming more popular due to functionality and aesthetics. While these are great choices for homeowners planning to age in place, these open-concept bathrooms provide a spa-like retreat that appeals to people of all ages, especially when showing off luxurious materials such as tile and stone and jewel-like drains.

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