Showrooms – KBDA 2017 Bronze Winner

by Diana Cleveland

Home Space

Jason Landau , Amazing Spaces LLC, Greenwich, CT

Having previously worked out of both a large showroom and a two-room home office space, Jason Landau had a vision for what would take his business into the next chapter. He found a two-story stand-alone house-type structure with 750 square feet of space that he thought would be perfect for his concept: to create an environment that feels more like a home and less like a store.

But after sub-letting the lower level, Landau was left with only 400 square feet to design a space that would tastefully showcase cabinetry, technology, lighting and interior décor.” He wanted to display a variety of materials but also wanted to make sure the look was cohesive. And, he wanted the space to feel like no other showroom out there.

He began by tearing down the flat ceiling and installing new tie beams and a varied plank wood slat ceiling. This created drama while visually expanding the space.

Inside, the main kitchen offers a harmonious mix of cabinet materials, countertop thicknesses and construction techniques, with a broad array of interior accessories on display. A dining table doubles as his desk, while a bar hutch holds his office supplies, printer, etc.

The rear hallway shows off contemporary cabinetry, while pocket doors and pull-out work surfaces hide work stations for the staff.

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