Soaking in the Glory

Over the last decade-plus, bathroom remodels have often included the removal of the rarely-used tub – often jetted – to make way for the oversized, spa-like shower. While that shower is still very much in the picture, the tub is making a somewhat grand re-entrance to the master bath.

The re-emergence of the bathtub in today’s design is two-fold. First, homeowners are rediscovering the rejuvenating properties of a good long soak in a warm tub. In addition, manufacturers are literally reinventing the category, offering freestanding tubs that are designed to be statement pieces and focal points of the room.

The industry is seeing soaking tubs made of proprietary materials that can be shaped and molded into all kinds of shapes for a custom look. Unusual materials – such as metal, wood, marble and even concrete mixes – are delivering a unique sense of style. And colors are venturing far beyond the whites and biscuits of the past – with custom colors and two-tone designs garnering attention.

• Many new master baths use the freestanding tub as the focal point in the design

• Proprietary solid surface and stone/resin mixes allow for unusual shapes and built-in ergonomic properties.

• Materials such as solid surface and a range of metals retain heat for longer periods of time, delivering a warm, soothing soak that maintains its temperature.

• Current styles stress clean design lines and contemporary shapes.

• Metals such as copper and brass are enjoying significant attention when it comes to tubs, often making the pieces the star of the design.

• Deeper wells are allowing for total body immersion for a relaxing soak.


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