Sol Quintana

With a natural ability to connect to others, designer fosters creative collaboration

Sol Quintana, B.Arch., CGP, came to California from Argentina in 2001 with an adventurous spirit, dreams and ambitions. Since then, she has proven her ability to push boundaries, and is known for her unique design vision and her ability to create distinct spaces – from perfect traditional environments to bold contemporary and truly evocative-artistic projects. She has been inspired by the myriad cultures she experienced during her travels in South America, North America and Europe and is influenced by the personality and lifestyle of each client.

With a natural ability to connect with others, Quintana, owner/principal interior designer, Sol Quintana Design in San Diego, CA, is a mentor to a generation of younger interior designers. She is seen as a leader in uncovering ways to empower other design colleagues by fostering a climate of creative collaboration, promoting junior designers, respecting each member’s individuality, procuring work-life balance and singular professional success. She is currently in the process of co-founding Pigment-o, a multidisciplinary co-working design group with independent professionals that also strive to make meaningful change in the industry.

Born and raised in Argentina, Quintana earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture and was involved in the design of various projects in Buenos Aires before moving to Southern California.

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