Lighting Design Trends

by Tracy Hegg

Lighting design trends for 2022 honor the past while looking to the future

If the adage ‘everything old is new again’ were a design formula, it would sum up some of what lighting designers are seeing as they look to 2022. The other aspect of today’s designs is that design schemes are inclusive; they embrace and include personal features and objects, while still maintaining a specific trend. We break down three trends that incorporate the best of what came before and what’s to come.

Somewhere Between the Future and Zero A.D. lies Retro

Given what we are seeing as far as paint color trends for 2022, it seems people yearn for a bit of nostalgia when it comes to design. For a retro kickback to the 70s or 60s – think of burnt orange, moss greens and other warm neutrals to add a big wow factor in terms of color. Designers are adding inspired finds from local antique stores and markets. They are using vintage furniture scouted online or scored from estate sales and auctions.

Futurism in Design and Lighting

Futurism in design goes back almost a century. The term itself is from the Latin root “futurum” which means the idea is centuries old. Many people, if asked, might describe futurism as something they know from early science-fiction movies; oddly shaped furniture in sparse and cold rooms. Designers understand that Futurism in interior design makes use of ergonomics, creative furniture, and unusual layouts. It is a modern form of design that comes with more metallic, long dynamic lines, and a monochromatic look that suggests motion and urgency. Designers will offset the monochromatic palette with pops of color; using lime greens and deep blues and reds in carefully curated ways. The elements that make up a futuristic design scheme will include sculptural pieces of furniture and lighting that are either curved, angular, and made from glass, metal, plastic, or leather.

Sophisticated Neo-Classics

If you’re leaning towards a neo-classical theme in your interior design projects – you know that beauty and refinement based classical lines and familiar shapes are what you’re looking for. Blending tradition with a splash of modern would be a good place to start for a customer looking for something different in a project. Start with the neo-classical foundation with breathtaking columns, architecturally significant paneled walls, classic wall art—then add modern or mid-century furniture if you like.

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