Statement Cabinets

Whether anchoring the décor or making their own design statement, kitchen cabinets are the staple of every new kitchen. Pale neutrals allow for strong accessories and pops of color to complete the room’s look, including bold hues on island cabinets. Rich, dark woods and painted tones deliver drama and work well with the white subway tiles and marble countertops that continue to be in high demand.

While there is still a call for traditional, the move from transitional to clean, more minimalist styles continues slowly evolve. Shaker continues to be a go-to, but flat-panel doors are gaining attention. The open-concept design of the kitchen being part of a larger living space also plays in to the decision-making when choosing both color and style, allowing for a more cohesive look.

Following are some of the latest trends observed in kitchen cabinets.

• Incorporating glass, metal and lighting into cabinet design allows clients to display pieces and add a desired decorative element.

• The popularity of white and gray cabinets continues to hold, although many more people are venturing outside their comfort zones to embrace richer tones, especially in the blue/green and black/charcoal families.

• Functional storage is a must when incorporating cabinets for a space, and manufacturers continue to deliver innovative interior elements such as drawer inserts, pull-outs and lazy susans in a growing number of finishes.

• Paint remains the most popular finish right now and continues to gain steam, partially due to the ever-expanding selection of color choices and the interest in adding color to a space.

• While Shaker remains popular, there is an increased interest in styles that are a slight variation of the look, with a little more detail on the doors, delivering a softer option to Shaker.

• Drawers continue to be a preferred option in base cabinets, providing access to contents and ease of organization.


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