Statement Workstations

by Anita Shaw

In today’s kitchens, the sink area continues to gain importance, as it changes from a place of cleansing to the focus of prep, cleaning and even entertaining. This step up in function is reflected in the changes of design of the typical kitchen sink, which are anything but typical in the current marketplace.

Styles, sizes and materials abound, from the classic stainless to colorful quartz and everything in between. Color is the name of the game right now, with matte white and black being challenged by nature-inspired tones.

Function is primary as well, with choices evolving from single- or double-bowl to workstations with a variety of task-centric accessories. Apron and bowed fronts remain popular, while undermount and top-mount sinks delivering interior step designs to accommodate pieces that assist with the preparation of food.

Among the key trends reflected in kitchen sinks are:

  • Workstation sinks are everywhere, with a growing list of coordinating accessories to choose from, including cutting boards, colanders, drying racks and small storage bowls.
  • A stunning array of ‘look at me’ colors including soft greens, bold blues and even terracottas and yellows are becoming mainstream.
  • A wide range of materials is providing an alternative choice to stainless steel, including fireclay and quartz, as well as copper.
  • Larger and deeper bowl sizes are being added to lines as homeowners find different uses for their water stations.
  • A multitude of softer, neutral tones are entering the market, with matte finishes being a popular choice for white, cream, beige and black tones.
  • Secondary, smaller prep sinks are making statements of their own, often in a metallic tone, such as brushed brass, pewter and copper.


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