Stone & Quartz Countertops Showcase Texture, Classic Colors

‘Nature-inspired’ continues to be a hot trend in countertops and kitchens overall, driving interest in quartz, marble, granite and other natural stone surfacing materials. Classic looks are on the rise, with whites getting warmer, and dramatic blacks seeing renewed interest, while texture continues to trend.

Of course it’s not just about the look, as today’s consumers are increasingly focused on durability and ease of care, as well. There’s also a growing demand for countertop materials that can hold up to outdoor elements as interest in outdoor kitchens continues to grow.

Below are some of the hottest trends in quartz and stone surfacing materials.

–Classic color palettes continue to be in demand, with warm whites, bold blacks and soft grays all trending.

–Texture, both physical and visual, remains hot. The raw, unfinished stone look favored by those interested in industrial chic is also a small but growing niche.

–Polished, high-gloss looks are losing steam, with matte finishes seeing increased demand.

–Mix and match continues to be a trend, not just in materials but in design, for instance, a dramatic, large-veined island surrounded by softer, more subtle toned countertops.

–Marble and marble-look designs continue to trend, with warmer whites in demand, often with heavy veining and gold metallic accents.

–Durability remains a high priority, with consumers seeking stone and quartz products that can hold up to heavy use – both indoors and out.

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