Storage Savvy

With people spending more time in their homes, the need and desire for more function and less clutter is skyrocketing. Homeowners are clearing out, paring down and redesigning to make their homes truly fit their lifestyles.

Having more time at home and eating out less has also resulted in more cooking in the kitchen. Whether they are just dabbling, expanding their culinary skills or turning it into family time, people are interested in spicing up their lives through food. This requires additional pots and pans, cooking utensils, pantry staples, knives and spices – as well as the area to store them and devices to make the most of available space.

Clever accessories and custom storage solutions make organizing the kitchen for today’s new role easier than ever. Accessibility is key, as is ease of use, and the current product offering hits the mark.

• Interior cabinet pull-outs that bring contents out to the user remain hot in the kitchen, especially those that deliver access to blind corners.

• As drawers gain popularity in kitchen design, push-to-open and gentle close options are key to the organized space.

• Drawers also get an upgrade with organizers and peg-board systems that keep items organized and in their place.

• LED lighting provides illumination of drawer and cabinet interiors, as well as countertop spaces and toe-kick regions.

• Full-extension drawers and pantries provide double-sided access for easy storage and accessibility.

• Under-sink caddies, waste and recycling bins and even composting sites can be cleverly tucked away in today’s designs.

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