Super Soakers

by Anita Shaw

Just a few years ago, tubs were being removed from bathrooms at a significant rate, being replaced by luxurious showers that offered a host of amenities, from body sprays to chromatherapy. Today, however, the tide has turned, and statement soaking tubs are a top desire of homeowners remodeling baths – especially decked out masters.

The tubs currently being introduced to the market are a significant step up from the whirlpools and alcove tubs of yesterday, however. Freestanding tubs are statement pieces that are often the focal point of the space, and jetted tubs have been all but replaced by airbaths that deliver everything from skin-softening bubbles to flotation experiences.

Among the current key trends in soaking tubs:

  • A range of solid surface materials specific to their manufacturers are enhancing the ability to create specialized shapes for a truly eye-catching design.
  • Natural materials, such as copper and stone, as well as other materials, are naturally designed to hold heat longer, allowing the bather to experience a long, hot soak.
  • The interest in adding color to spaces has definitely taken hold in the bath, with tub exteriors being offered in a range of dramatic shades to deliver a customized two-tone look.
  • In addition to unconventional shapes, today’s tubs feature added aesthetic touches, including a range of leg designs, decorative surfaces and extended ledges.
  • New materials are allowing for a new surface appearance, with matte looks and textures that appeal to the modern aesthetic and are soft to the touch.
  • Many soaking tubs are also offered with spa and wellness features, such as air-infused bubbles, interior arm rests, chromatherapy and aromatherapy.

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