Survey Reveals Growing Interest in Bath Remodeling

by Anita Shaw

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL — Bathrooms are the primary area of the home that Americans are planning to upgrade this year, with kitchens also ranking high on the list of potential residential remodeling products, according to the findings of a new national survey.

According to the 2021 Home Upgrade study, conducted online in January by Crystal Lake, IL-based Bio Bidet (by Bemis), 45% of more than 1,000 homeowners polled say they will be (or are considering) upgrading or remodeling their homes this year, with renovations aimed at adding smart-home components (44%), making the home more modern (43%), and making it more aesthetically appealing (39%) and/or energy efficient (37%).

Bio Bidet, a leading supplier of bidet toilet seats, attachments and smart home accessories, said its poll revealed that bathrooms are the main area Americans plan to upgrade, followed by bedrooms, kitchens, other interior living spaces and exteriors. Of those who are planning to upgrade or remodel their homes in 2021, nearly 70% plan to do a complete remodel to their bathroom(s), the company reported.

“In the past year, homeowners have been forced to reevaluate their living arrangements out of circumstances. They are now much more aware of the importance in creating a safer, and smarter, habitat,” said James Amburgey, director of business unit development at Bio Bidet. “Upgrading to newer bathroom and kitchen technologies, such as motion activation and UV sterilization, will become the new norm in many households very soon.”

Areas of their bathroom(s) that survey respondents plan to upgrade include new toilet(s), 56%; new shower(s), 53%; new cabinets, 51%; new faucet(s), 46%; new sink(s), 44%; install bidet(s), 42%.

Of those who are planning to upgrade or remodel their homes this year, 62% said they plan to upgrade or do a complete remodel to their kitchen. Areas of their kitchen they plan to upgrade include new cabinet(s), 65%; new countertop(s), 45%; new flooring, 56%; new sink(s), 53%, new faucet(s), 51%.

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