Taking it Outside

While the pandemic and the time spent at home has spurred an interest in sprucing up interior spaces, outdoor areas are not being ignored. In fact, being home has made every available space a valuable commodity, and the desire for beauty, function and even serenity in every living area has never been more acute.

Gathering with the family in the backyard to cook, eat, play games and hang out has been key to maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing during these challenging times. Now, with restrictions easing and life taking on a more normal rhythm, families are interested in beautiful outdoor spaces where they can safely gather with extended family and friends.

Outdoor kitchens often anchor these spaces, and include not only grills and beverage refrigeration, but specialty appliances that aren’t normally found in their indoor counterparts. Add colored cabinetry, comfortable seating, fire pits and accent lighting, and the results can be added living space that becomes a favorite hang-out spot.

Below are some of the hottest trends in outdoor appliances right now.

• Standard grills are being replaced by built-in beauties that feature LED lighting, multiple burners, rotisseries and smart features.

• Undercounter refrigerators not only chill sodas and juices, but can keep wine at optimum temperatures, as well as house taps for dispensing beer.

• Range hoods whisk away smoke, grease and odors, making entertaining by the grill much more pleasant for guests and cook alike.

• Specialized cooking features such as smokers and pizza ovens are in high demand, as homeowners look to distinguish the outdoor kitchen from the one inside.

• Grills move beyond gas and charcoal to include cooking over seasoned wood for a distinctive flavor.

• Ice makers and beverage carts make sure the entertaining can stay outdoors without constant trips inside to replenish.

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