The Innovators: 2019

by Autumn McGarr

The fast-changing nature of the kitchen and bath industry can be one of the greatest challenges for design professionals. Indeed, the near-constant evolution of products, materials, trends, technology and consumer preferences can be difficult to keep up with, no less ahead of. Yet many would argue that the excitement and energy that go with such a fast-changing industry are part of why so many talented, creative professionals are drawn to the field.

But while the best designers stay attuned to the latest trends and their clients’ ever-evolving needs and desires, some take it just a little bit further. They don’t just keep
up, they lead the way. They set new courses for themselves and those around them, re-inventing and re-imagining colors, spaces and technological innovations, and ultimately changing the way the art and business of design are conducted. And in doing so, they shape not just the spaces they envision and create, but the industry as a whole.

Innovators come from all avenues of the design world, and they are the lifeblood of the kitchen and bath industry. For that reason, Kitchen & Bath Design News is proud to present its third annual Top 50 Innovators list, honoring kitchen and bath professionals who have won the respect of their peers and the industry at large through their creative talents, leadership skills, business acumen, community involvement and professionalism (see related Editorial).

Nominated by industry professionals and then reviewed by the KBDN nominating committee, the 2019 Innovators reflect a diverse cross section of the industry, from technology experts, aging-in-place specialists and design authors to cutting-edge marketers, top-tier educators, business gurus and more. Whether creating unique podcasts or re-imagining design for universal appeal, these kitchen and bath pros are advancing the industry and providing inspiration not only for their clients and peers, but for future generations to come.

Some are long-time veterans who have made a career of advancing the art and business of design, while others are relatively new to the industry, using their passion to transform the industry through new avenues like social media marketing, sustainability and technology.

Many are active in professional associations and their communities, raising the bar for the industry, even as they forge connections with consumers that transform not only their homes, but how they perceive the value of design.

Each comes from a different background, yet all understand that innovation is a calling, one that drives them to constantly strive for new, better and more efficient ways of understanding space, communicating their vision and creating designs that maximize the home’s value, aesthetic appeal and functionality. They strive for excellence in business, design, education, technology and community service, and in doing so, they raise up the industry so that it remains ever changing, ever growing and ever improving.

On this and the following 12 pages, KBDN spotlights the 2019 Innovators – 50 outstanding kitchen and bath professionals who are changing the industry right now. ▪


Know someone who’s a true innovator in the kitchen and bath industry? KBDN will begin accepting nominations for next year’s Innovators on January 1, 2020. Visit for further details.


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