Vacuum in a Drawer

DrawerVac allows crumbs to be swept away into central vacuum under the countertop.

authors  | September 14, 2009

Like many good ideas, this one came out of nowhere. John Ryan was cleaning the kitchen island while on the phone with his wife. He said he wished there was a way to remove the crumbs without spilling them onto the floor. And so was born the DrawerVac.

Ryan used his experience as a home builder including plenty of central vacuum system installations to help develop the concept for the DrawerVac. The vacuum-in-a-drawer was launched in January this year.

The DrawerVac extends a home’s central vacuum system to the countertop. If a home does not include a central system, a standalone vacuum unit can be installed in nearby cabinet space. “Opening the drawer activates the central vacuum system which creates the suction,” says Bob Burns, Owner, DrawerVac LLC, Boise, Idaho. “As the drawer closes, the air speed in the tray increases and removes any debris brushed into it. If desired, the device can be connected to a wet interceptor for handling moist food debris, which then can be used for composting.”

Applications include kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, work benches and office desks to name a few. The DrawerVac is available in only one color: white. It is 1-in. thick and requires very little space within a drawer. “If installing it in existing or stock cabinets, you simply place the drawer behind a cabinet door or drawer and there should be very little if any alteration to the cabinetry. If the home includes custom cabinets, you can do things like a breadboard installation,” Burns says.

Builders and architects should ensure the central vacuum installer is aware of all DrawerVac locations so the proper mechanicals can be routed. Any number of DrawerVac units can be installed in a home, but as with any central vacuum system it’s best to operate one vacuum outlet at a time or risk losing suction power to all of them.

The DrawerVac.com website features a brief video that illustrates everything one needs to know, including installation alternatives. A sell-sheet is also available as a PDF download. For details visit drawervac.com and click Purchasing Information, or indicate #12 in E-Inquiry

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