What’s App: Agenda

by Ashley Lapin Olian

What it is: A date-focused note taking app.

What it does: Agenda is a note-taking app to help with planning and documenting for projects. The app has a timeline approach to organizing notes, keeping track of past, present and future notes all on one timeline, giving a complete picture of a project. Older notes can be made into breadcrumbs, providing a reminder for why certain actions were taken. The user can attach dates to individual notes and link them to events in their calendar. Notes can also be put “On the Agenda,” which gives them special status, making them more easily searchable by creating a shortcut in the sidebar to find them quickly. Projects can be grouped into categories to make them easier to find, and notes for each project can be put in any order as chosen by the user: dragged around, dated or with a mixed approach. Tags, links and lists can be incorporated into notes. Additionally, Agenda is a styled-text editor, allowing headings, lists, indented blocks and pre-formatted text, which converts easily to other formats. To save space, notes can be collapsed. Agenda notes can be printed or shared in standard formats like PDF, RTF and Markdown. The Agenda archive format allows the exchange of exact duplicates of notes with other Agenda users. Agenda is integrated with iCloud, so notes are kept in sync across each Mac device. The app is free; however, it offers extra premium features that require an In-App Purchase, which will permanently unlock all current features across all of the user’s Macs. A mobile version of the app will be available soon.

Who it’s for: Designers and anyone who needs help with organization

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: Organization is a key element to a successful design business, and this app makes it simple to take and organize notes on a per project basis. This provides for less confusion, and a more streamlined process for dealing with clients.

Available Since: Jan. 22, 2018

Who makes it: Momenta B.V.

Platform(s): MacOS (soon to be available on iOS for iPad and iPhone)

Where to find it: Mac App Store

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