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What’s App: HelloGbye

What it is: An app that serves as a virtual travel agent

What it does: With HelloGbye, users can plan, book and change their trips simply by texting to the app. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), the app will respond quickly with curated results in seconds, according to the firm, who also refers to the app as “Siri for travel.” Additional features include: doing multiple searches at once by texting travel plans to HelloGbye; making changes to a booked trip by texting the app directly without needing to speak with an agent or the airline; curated and personalized travel options including hotel recommendations powered by American Express, and inviting travel companions to assist in planning the trip with the ability to split payments, set personal preferences and share itineraries. The app has a free version and a subscription model, and is also available to use via the website. Subscribers get additional benefits such as 2% cash back on all hotel bookings and no change fees.

Who it’s for: Anyone who travels

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: Designers have enough to worry about when it comes to offsite projects or making sure they keep up with all the trends at a trade show – why add travel details on to it? HelloGbye streamlines the travel process without wasting time on hold with the airline.

Available Since: March 2017

Who makes it: HelloGbye, LLC

Platform(s): iOS for iPhone and iPad

Where to find it: iTunes Store

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