What’s App: Home Inventory

What it is: An app that allows homeowners to catalogue and organize items in their home.

What it does: Home Inventory literally helps the user get their house in order. It helps to organize product receipts, warranty information, product manuals, maintenance schedules, repair and improvement notes and all home contents (i.e. furniture). Additionally, it will store product details (i.e. make, model, serial number) and photos, as well as important facts about the home including square footage and purchase price. Home Inventory can even be used for long-term goals, such as estate planning: An heir can be assigned to each item in the inventory and an Heir Report can be added as an addendum to a will. Items can easily be added to the inventory with the mobile device helper app “Home Inventory Remote Entry,” either manually or by scanning item barcodes. Other features include: built-in currency conversion, flexible reporting options, password protection, insurance coverage analysis, the ability to import/export CSV data and warranty expiration alerts. It is important to note, the free mobile helper apps, Home Inventory Remote Entry and Home Inventory Mobile Backup, require Home Inventory for a Mac computer ($39.99).

Who it’s for: Homeowners and designers

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: When designing in a client’s home, access to the model numbers of various kitchen appliances or bath fixtures can help save time and effort. Additionally, useful (and necessary) information, such as the square footage of a room, is readily available during a designer/client meeting.

Available since: January 2005 (software), June 2011 & July 2015 (helper apps)

Who makes it: Binary Formations, LLC

Platform(s): Mac OS; iOS for iPhone and iPad

Where to find it: Mac App Store (software); iTunes Store (helper apps)

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