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What’s App: Inigo

What it is: An app that creates and provides a digital business card

What it does: Inigo is an app intended to eliminate the need for a paper business card. Users can design their own digital business cards, share them with anyone as well as track statistics on how many times the cards have been viewed and who has saved the contact information. Recipients do not need to have the app in order to see and save the card, and they can be shared through text message, email, Twitter, QR code and more. Contact information can be directly saved to the recipient’s electronic device as a vCard, and videos, websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn resumes and more can be included in them. Users can also create multiple card options for both business and personal situations.

Who it’s for: Business professionals

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: Business cards are a necessary part of a referral business like designing; however, they can be quite pricey, and easily lost in a purse, wallet or pile of cards. With a digital solution, designers can not only save money, but also have their contact information easily saved to a potential customer or collaborator’s device. With this app, the words, “I don’t have a business card on me” no longer
have meaning.

Available Since: October 2014 (Android); October 2015 (iOS)

Who makes it: Inigo, LLC

Platform(s): iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android OS

Where to find it: iTunes Store, Google Play

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