What’s App: MailChimp

What it is: A free email marketing tool that allows users to manage lists, add new subscribers, send campaign drafts and view reports. A Pro version is available for purchase with additional features available.

What it does: MailChimp is used to send out email marketing blasts to a subscriber list. The app is a way to maintain, schedule, edit and approve campaigns created on the computer. Additionally, users can monitor list growth, find additional subscribers near their current location, add subscribers from their device on the spot and find out who is most engaged. If a team has multiple accounts, they can share them via the app to see what others in the group are doing.

Who it’s for: Any business owner who needs a simple tool for marketing and reaching a large audience with a click of a button or a swipe of the finger.

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: Whether designers can afford an outside PR agency or not, MailChimp can easily be used to reach a large crowd and get the firm’s names out there. It will help designers see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing.

Available Since: 2001

Who makes it:  The Rocket Science Group

Platform: iOS, Android OS, Web

Where to find it: On the iTunes Store, on Google Play, on the MailChimp web site

Note: To use the app, a MailChimp account must first be created on http://mailchimp.com/

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