What’s App: Water Use Calculator

by Ashley Lapin Olian

What it is: An app to calculate water use in the home.

What it does: By answering questions about who is using water in a home, the Water Use Calculator will tell the user how much water is being used in the dishwasher, toilets, shower and more. The National Ground Water Association created the app to allow conscientious homeowners to become “water wise” to find out how their water consumption compares to that of the average American household.

Who it’s for: Designers and homeowners

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: In a world where resources are becoming more and more scarce, designers can play their part in water conservation by helping their clients to be conscientious about water consumption, and then specifying products that will make a difference.

Available since: September 2012

Who makes it: National Ground Water Association

Platform(s): iOS for iPhone and iPad

Where to find it: iTunes Store

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