What’s App: Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

What it is: A community-based traffic and navigation app.

What it does: Waze is a navigation app that not only gives directions, but also informs the user about traffic, construction, police, crashes and more in real time as reported by Waze users. In addition, the app makes instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save time based on current road conditions. Waze can also predict and update an arrival time based on live traffic data, making it more accurate. A community of Waze map editors works to constantly improve and update the maps, often reflecting neighborhood changes before they are available elsewhere. Users can share their route with a friend who can then track them in Waze as they are driving in real time. The app also has a feature to find the cheapest gas along the user’s route. Various voices can be selected to speak directions to the driver. If desired, Waze also allows users to connect through Facebook, and play a Spotify playlist through it.

Who it’s for: Anyone who drives

Why kitchen and bath designers need it: Being on time for client meetings is a basic tenet of good business and Waze can help designers to achieve this. By allowing other users to report on traffic, the app not only accurately reflects traffic and obstacles, it also provides additional useful information (i.e. a fallen tree blocking a lane of traffic) that other apps may not include. Another benefit of the app is to help drivers save money on gas, a benefit for the wallet.

Available Since: 2009

Who makes it: Waze Inc.

Platform(s): iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android OS

Where to find it: iTunes Store, Google Play store

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