Wilsonart Presents Localism Collection

TEMPLE, TX – Wilsonart has announced that, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of boutique print-on-demand patterns, it will bring designers quarterly collections of curated designs that capture expressions of community.

The first collection of the year, Localism, explores cross-generational designs that are relatable and inspired by the very fabric of communities. This palette of patterns is key to articulating design for the convergence of cultures in today’s inclusive spaces, notes the firm. A celebration of local craftsmanship, familiar environments and an appreciation for diverse design styles, Localism taps into the natural beauty and strong bonds found among common ground, it continues.

“With Localism, Wilsonart has brought a level of depth typically reserved for fabrics, ceramics and wallcoverings to the laminate product category,” noted Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “For example, these artisan patterns are perfect for crafting hospitality settings with unique moments of delight that are steeped in local flavor. When refreshing highly trafficked retail settings, Localism’s metal and wood looks provide an intriguing backdrop for experiences that will resonate both with residents and with individuals who are just passing through.”

The Localism Collection includes: Ceramic Blue, Artisan Find, City Metal, Stapled Notice, Grateful Dyed, Graffiti Park, Taupe Incised, Natural Incised, Wire Mesh, Backyard Patio, Texas Mesquite, South Devon, Flagstaff Lodge and Edge Grain.

Five designs from the current Library are also reintroduced and coordinate with Edge Grain to complete the Localism Collection. Corrugated and Plymouth Planked Chestnut feature a rich visual texture; Aged Port, Iced Mint and Wheat Berry showcase layered designs and graphic crossweave patterns.

Visit www.wilsonart.com to see full sheet views of the Localism Collection.

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