Wine Chillers Display and Dazzle

While most wine drinkers are not experts when it comes to vintages and labels, they do appreciate the sublime taste of a wine at its peak. Those who indulge understand the importance of key elements such as temperature and light in preserving the delicate taste of this treasured libation.

A wine refrigerator or cooler helps keep the wine tasting best for a longer period of time as well as improves its taste. The growing interest in drinking wine, especially for millennials, is driving the production of residential wine refrigeration products – from large, advanced refrigeration systems to undercounter units to built-in refrigerated dispensers.

Included here are some of the leading trends in wine refrigeration.

• Homeowners are seeking features that work for the way they enjoy wine and entertain with it, including separate cooling zones for both red and white, a mode for deep chilling white wines and more.

• Display shelves in warm woods and other upscale materials are being added to wine refrigeration units for those who want to showcase their collections.

• Interior LED lighting is now available in a range of color options, including colors that switch from one to another, to deliver a distinctive look to the kitchen or wine serving space.

• Quiet motors and anti-vibration elements are vitally important in the design of wine chillers, as vibrations can damage delicate wines.

• Wine refrigeration interiors are becoming more flexible to allow users to store and display their collections according to their personal needs.

• Safety features, including alarms to notify when a door is left open, tempered glass to prevent UV penetration and safety locks to keep children out are key elements in the design of units.

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